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November 30, 2005

Marketers as Architects

Seth Godin has another great post explaining the difference between marketing, sales and advertising. He explains that a great marketer is a lot like an architect. He says,

"What does an architect do? She reinvents the very nature of what's delivered and how it is delivered. She reimagines the inputs and outputs of the organization, as well as its story, to create an engine of revenue that grows while benefitting all sides."

Seth points out that companies like Starbucks are successful because they have re-architected existing business models into something completely different. He says that great marketing is not slapped on.  I find this true in my own business. Sometimes my marketing feels well architected, and at other times, it seems like an afterthought. How is it in your business? What can you do differently?

He also points out the importance of knowing what skills you truly want and need when hiring a marketing person.

All in all, marketing is a make or break proposition. It can help you or hinder you. Be clear about your intentions, have a solid marketing plan and get the right talent to help you.

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