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October 31, 2004

The Hipster PDA: Sometimes Simpler is Better

From the humor files, Merlin Mann in his blog 43 folders announces "The Hipster PDA" a groundbreaking device that trumps all others. It's old tech but it works. Let's hear it for the Luddites!

On a serious note though, perhaps we do complicate matters with electronics. Maybe life would be simpler if we went back to paper. Right. Who am I kidding? I'm The PDA Pro.

But seriously, you can use a PDA and still rely on business cards, index cards and post-it notes from time to time. The nice thing about a piece of paper is that it doesn't require you categorize it first before you start writing. I still prefer taking notes on paper when I am meeting with someone. My impression is that people are sometimes concerned when they see someone typing in a computer or making vigorous notes in a PDA. They can see a piece of paper. It's somehow less threatening. So, stock your arsenal with all your weapons, whether paper or electronic. And, keep it hip.

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